HOW TO Connect in RDP(VPS) Windows

DO NOTE: For our servers, we uses custom RDP port such as TCP port: 45200 or 45666 for security reasons. By default, the server listens on TCP port 3389.

Format entering server's hostname or ip address with custom RDP port as follows:







NOTES:, hostname must be in Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) form, valid and pingable and the domain name ( is registered with domain registrar.



Run the Remote Desktop Connection Client

  1. Open the Remote Desktop Connection Client by clicking Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection.

  2. Enter the IP address of the server in the Computer field and click Connect.

  3. (Optional) To set up file transfer or enable your clipboard for copy/paste, click Options.

  4. Click the Local Resources tab, select the Clipboard option, click More, and then click Drives.

Save your session by clicking the General tab, then clicking Save As.

Log in to Your Server

Once you have connected, you will see the Windows log in screen. To log in for the first time, enter the Computer Name\Administrator and the corresponding password (this is the password that was emailed to you when your server build was completed).

Congratulations you have successfully connected and logged in to your new server!

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