What Is Bulletproof Hosting?

Comparison of regular hosting and bulletproof hosting

The successful operation of any website requires not only attractive design and engagement content. It's essential to choose the hosting responsibly.

Hosting is the rental of space on the server to host site files on it.

The server is a significant and compelling computer that is continuously connected to the Internet. Its primary function is to store on a hard disk and provide access to information in response to a request from a site user received via the Internet. The reliability of D-Dos attacks depends on the reliability of the server, is it difficult to hack a web resource, page loading time.

Often, site development services already contain proposals for using a specific hosting provider. However, if you want, you can choose it yourself, based on the needs of a particular site. One has only to understand the nuances.

Types of Hosting

At the moment, there are two types of services for providing server space for sites:

  • regular hosting;
  • bulletproof hosting.

General hosting

The hosting that represents a location on a remote server.

Hosters provide virtual, virtual dedicated, special, collocation, cloud hosting. The most popular shared hosting. Data from different Internet resources are stored on the hard drive of one server. It turns out cheaply, but there are restrictions on the amount of information.

Virtual dedicated (VDS) - this is when one client rents a whole server.

Specialized or dedicated - the customer himself controls the operation of the rented server.

Collocation - is a rent of specially equipped place for your server with established data transmission channels. Cloud hosting is unique in the absence of fixed rates and restrictions on hard disk space. You can place as much as you need and pay only for the used space.

The differences in the price of one type of hosting, depending on the following parameters:

  1. amount of space provided;
  2. channel and data rate;
  3. availability of a security certificate;
  4. server location country;
  5. availability of technical support;
  6. user account interface;
  7. availability of backup options and its frequency;
  8. the possibility of increasing volumes;
  9. price.

A feature of the services of standard hosting providers is that they can and must legally close a web resource after receiving a user complaint.

Bulletproof hosting

The Internet contains web resources of various contents, subjects, and purposes. Often there are dishonest website owners who post prohibited content on their resources, viruses that send spam, violate intellectual property rights, and scammers. The same is related to online casinos. To protect themselves from their influence, and their computer from viruses, each user can file a complaint (abuse). A hosting provider that has received abuse on a site whose files are located on its server must block the resource. But not all hosters do this.

Bulletproof hosting - rent a server from a provider that does not block its clients when receiving a complaint. This is one of the types of an ordinary host, with the only difference: you can place absolutely any information on it.

Keeping different prohibited content on different servers in different countries is the best way not to break the law of the country.

So, pirated films can be stored on Ukrainian servers, and adult video can be stored in Dutch or Chinese servers.

Rent a bulletproof hosting at times, exceeds the cost of the same parameters of the usual host.


If the site conducts legitimate activities, the bulletproof parameter is not essential for its maintenance. However, the business of questionable content has to fork out and look for a suitable host in the country with the loopholes in the legislation.

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